Reduce your risk of damage and get information in a real-time view of the attack timeline with Threat Analytics. Learn, analyze, and identify normal and suspicious user or device behavior with built-in intelligence. Considering the rapidly changing threat landscape, enterprises need tools that provide a succinct, real-time view of attacks, and identify suspicious user or device behavior.

Axxend Secure implementation, leverages on Threat Analytics to protect your enterprise from multiple types of advanced targeted cyber attacks and insider threats.

Malicious attacks

Malicious attacks are detected deterministically, by looking for the full list of known attack types including: Brute Force, Remote Execution, Malicious Replications, Reconnaissance, Overpass-the-Hash

Abnormal behavior

Abnormal behavior is detected by ATA using behavioral analytics and leveraging Machine Learning to uncover questionable activities and abnormal behavior in users and devices in your network, including: Anomalous logins, Password sharing, Lateral movement

Securities Issues

Secure TA is able to detect security issues and risks which includes; broken trusts, weak protocols, known vulnerabilities, exploits, and so many new-generation threats

Harness Axxend Secure TA to ensure the following

Behavioral analytics help you react quickly with self-learning, advanced, ready-to-analyze intelligence.
Rely on continually updated learning that adapts to the changing nature of your users and business.
Review the attack timeline for a clear, convenient view of suspicious activity or persistent threats.

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Our promise to you
Get recommendations for investigation and remediation of each suspicious activity.