Microsoft Cloud Technology

Technology is evolving and perhaps you have seen your competitors successful with the cloud and wondered how it could help you meet your business challenges or even grow your career. Did you know that more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies run on the Microsoft Cloud? You can also take advantage of the capabilities that the azure has in store.

To keep up with today’s ever-changing digital world, understanding cloud technology can help align your career to this exciting revolution

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. It’s a continually expanding set of cloud services that help your organization meet your current and future business challenges. Azure gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

What you can do with Azure

Azure provides over 100 services that enable you to do everything from running your existing applications on virtual machines to exploring new software paradigms such as intelligent bots and mixed reality.
Many teams start exploring the cloud by moving their existing applications to virtual machines that run in Azure. While migrating your existing apps to virtual machines is a good start, the cloud is more than just “a different place to run your virtual machines”.
For example, Azure provides AI and machine-learning services that can naturally communicate with your users through vision, hearing, and speech. It also provides storage solutions that dynamically grow to accommodate massive amounts of data. Azure services enable solutions that are not feasible without the power of the cloud.

Identity & Access Management (IAM):

Azure offers secure IAM capabilities with Azure Active Directory service to enable right users to access the right information. With Azure, your business can adopt mature IAM capabilities to reduce identity management costs and become more agile, thus supporting innovative business initiatives.

Cost Reduction Platform:

Cut down the IT administration costs of your business  to a minimum cost as infrastructure is taken care by Microsoft on Azure with the pay as you go model which allows you to pay for what you used to expand your company’s resources using Azure

Data Security:

Some businesses have the misconception that storing your data in the Cloud is not safe. This has left many businesses having their in-house server sitting in its premises. This usually unsafe because when miscellaneous events like fire outbreak or theft happens, the businesses may lose its data.

To avoid this, your server can be hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform, which is protected by Microsoft’s datacenter security. With Azure

Security Center, you can easily apply security policies across your servers, reduce your exposure to potential threats, while also detecting and responding to attackers

This offers complete transparency, so you know how your data is accessed, stored and secured.

In addition to this, Microsoft Azure have a global incident response team that work around the clock to deal with any cyber threats.

Scalable and Ductile:

Azure Storage provides ductile, safe, performance-efficient and virtually unlimited storage services in the cloud.