HealthNeutron is in to disrupt Telemedicine industry

Technology has disrupted the way things are being done across all sectors of the world, making things more mobile and easily accessible to people every day. With the click of a button, products, solutions and services are quickly and easily delivered to people around the clock with less to no interruptions.

The health sector is one of such areas where technology can help improve access to healthcare with less effort and quick response to medical situations with just a tap on one’s mobile device at their comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they may find themselves.

Healthneutron as an app will bring quality and timely healthcare to every Ghanaian irrespective of where they may be by giving them to access qualified doctors as first point of contact with any medical issues they will have. This can be done by having the option of video, audio calls or text on one’s mobile device

Our Vision

Bringing the Doctor to you Wherever and whenever but in the Healthneutron way

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